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Nanyang Tianhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in Wolong District of Nanyang City Xiang Long Wang Cun Sheng Industrial Park, is the seat area and logistics area planning of the new photoelectric Nanyang medicine industrial cluster, more than 200 employees, has a number of experienced experts, professors and a number of doctoral and master's in the full vigour of life, strong technical force, scientific research the project is advanced, reliable quality, won the certificate of quality products, the national "top ten mayor assured brand" and the title of Nanyang city Wolong district quality award. Tianhua pharmaceutical Henan province is a large chemical raw materials base...

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Tilmicosin Premix

Huanglian Jiedu San

Yimu biochemical scatter

Pefloxacin Mesylate Solu


almitrine bismesylate

Sulfamonomethoxine Sodiu

diaminazene aceturate