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Huanglian Jiedu San

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detailed information

 Common name: Huanglian detoxification scattered

Product name:
Pinyin: Huanglian Jiedu San
【Main Ingredients】 Coptis, Scutellaria, Phellodendron, Gardenia
【Properties】 This product is brown powder; bitter taste.
【Function】 Xiehuo detoxification.
【Indications】 triple burner heat, sores yellow swollen poison.
Ru see the body temperature, blood fever spots, or sores boil boil poison, tongue red mouth dry, moss yellow, pulse strong, manic and so on.
【Usage and Dosage】 horse, cattle 150 ~ 250g; sheep, pigs 30 ~ 50g; rabbit, poultry 1 ~ 2g.
Adverse reactions according to the provisions of the dose, no adverse reactions.
【Note】 no provision
【Packing】 1000g / bag
【Storage】 closed, moisture.
【Production Date】 
【Production batch】 
【Validity】 2 years
【Approval number 】veterinary word (2011) 160755178
【Manufacturer】 Nanyang Tianhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.