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detailed information

 Chlorzoxazone CAS: 95-25-0

Molecular formula: C7H4ClNO2
Molecular weight: 169.5671
Chinese name: chlorzoxazone 5 - chloro - 2 - benzoxazolone
English name: chloroxazone, chlorzoxazone; 5-Chloro-2-benzoxazolone; 2-Benzothiazolinone; 5-Chloro-2 (3H) -benzoxazolone
Implementation of the standard: YBH03522007 / USP34
Nature Description: white crystalline powder
Specifications: 1/5/10/15 / 25KG / cardboard drum (DRUM)
Pharmacological effects: This product is a central muscle relaxant. It is mainly acting on the central nervous system, in the spine and the lower cerebral cortex region to suppress the multi-reflex arc, so spastic skeletal muscle muscle relaxation effect, to achieve the effect of pain.
Indications: for a variety of acute and chronic soft tissue (muscle, ligament, fascia) sprain, contusion, muscle strain after exercise caused by pain, caused by central nervous system muscle spasms, chronic fasciitis.